Greenwich Police Remind Residents to Lock their Cars after Another Car Vanishes

Greenwich Police remind residents to lock their cars and take their keys with them.

A Toyota SUV was stolen over the weekend. It had been left unlocked with the keys inside. The vehicle has not been recovered, though the police continue to investigate.

“Motor vehicle thefts and larceny from motor vehicles  continue to be a problem during the midnight hours,” said Captain Mark Zuccerella.

Zuccerella said thieves check for unlocked doors and when they find one they next look for the key fob. If there’s no key fob, they steal anything of value in the vehicle.

“We have been spotting, attempting to stop, and deterring many would-be car thieves who come to Greenwich from other cities in Connecticut, as well as New Jersey,” he said. “However, we cannot stop all of them.  Removing keys and locking the car doors is the best defense for this activity.”