Greenwich Police Offer 5 Tips to Avoid Being Burgled

The Greenwich Police Department is investigating a recent uptick in burglary activity and wishes to raise public awareness to help protect our residents valuables and keep their homes secure.

Specifically, eight residential burglaries have occurred in the past month, and four occurred over the past weekend. These burglaries are occurring both during daylight hours and during the overnight period. We have made adjustments to our patrol patterns to address the uptick.

With the onset of warmer weather residents typically open their doors and windows to let the fresh air in, but become somewhat more vulnerable as a result. Additionally, those enjoying warm weather vacations leave their homes for extended periods, which can also leave us vulnerable.

If you plan to travel, enlist the help of a trusted neighbor to keep an eye on your property and a vehicle in your driveway and to collect any deliveries that may arrive in your absence.

Travelers should avoid posting their travel dates on social media.  Maintaining your property to keep a “lived in” appearance makes your home a less attractive target.   A dog, or even a “beware of dog” sign are also proven deterrents.

Residents are reminded to be wary of door to door solicitors and to report any suspicious activity immediately.  The use of alarms, video cameras, motion detection and timer lights are often useful deterrents.

Protect, do not flaunt your valuables, and remain aware of your surroundings.

It is important to maintain an inventory of your valuables, including jewelry and stocks.  Safety deposit boxes are the most secure options. Immediately report any suspicious activity to The Greenwich Police Department.

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