Greenwich Police Extradite Man. Charges Include Forgery, Larceny, Possession of Large Kitchen Knife

Spencer Tracey Crumbsie, 51, of Weber Ave in Port Chester was arrested by Greenwich Police this week for an incident that took place in Cos Cob back on June 23, 2016. Police say Mr. Crumbsie went into CVS in Cos Cob and was observed by the manager who was filling in for the shift at Cos Cob, but normally works at another CVS in Greenwich, recognized Crumbsie as a known shoplifter. According to the report, Crumbsie had two bags not associated with CVS that contained shaving razors valued at $479.

After the manager approached Crumbsie asking him to pay for the items, Crumbsie handed over the bags and left the store. The manager called Greenwich Police, who looked through the bags found CVS merchandise, as well as a newspaper and 12” kitchen knife.

Greenwich Police extradited Mr. Crumbsie on Tuesday from Westchester after a warrant was issue for the charges of Carrying a Dangerous Weapon and Larceny 6.

Crumbsie was also charged with Failure to Appear in court 1st degree. After police arrived at the correctional facility in Valhalla to extradite Crumbsie, they learned he had an additional warrant stemming back to August 2016 when he was arrested in Greenwich for Interfering with an Officer, Criminal Impersonation and Forgery.  Following that arrest he failed to go to court on Sept 21, 2016.

He was also charged with Failure to Appear 2nd degree to answer for a Larceny 6 charge for an incident on West Putnam Ave at 10:30pm on August 14, 2016. On that date, Crumbsie was allegedly shoplifting in the CVS on 644 West Putnam Ave. Police were arrived they stopped Mr. Crumbsie, who presented false identification, which resulted in the felony charges  of Forgery and Criminal Impersonation. He was also charged with Interfering with an Officer.

This week, Mr. Crumbsie was unable to post his $20,000 bond for the first set of charges, and $5,000 for the Criminal Impersonation and Forgery Charges, and another $5,000 for the Failure to Appear 2 for the Larceny charge.

Crumbsie was detained at Greenwich Police headquarters and appeared in Stamford Superior Court on Dec 21, 2017.