Greenwich Police Detective, 3-Time John A Clark Award Winner, Pat Iorfino Retires

Chief James Heavey announced the retirement of Detective Pat Iorfino, a three-time John A. Clark Award winner, who has completed 28 years of service with the Greenwich Police Department. Detective First Grade Iorfino was sworn in as Greenwich Police Officer in June of 1987 and graduated from the 204th Connecticut Municipal Police Training Council’s Basic Police Academy.

Detective Iorfino’s file contains numerous departmental commendations for excellent police work and actions exemplifying the best tradition of police service. During then Officer Iorfino’s assignment to the Patrol Division he quickly distinguished himself amongst his peers as a streetwise and proactive patrol officer. Detective Iorfino received numerous citations for his response to street crimes and his hard work was recognized by his supervisors. Detective Iorfino would earn his assignment to the Narcotics Investigation Section. During this assignment his investigative skills would be honed. In 1995, he and his fellow Narcotics Investigators would be recognized with the John A. Clark Award for their investigations into the distribution of drugs within Greenwich.

Detective Iorfino was then assigned to the Criminal Investigation section of the Detective Division where he would excel due to his keen investigative skills matched with his absolute tenacious work ethic. In his 22 years as an investigator, Detective Iorfino brought to justice many criminals who had committed the worst crimes imaginable against the citizens of Greenwich; Rape, Murder, Kidnapping, and Home Invasion Robberies. Many of Detective Iorfino’s cases would be prosecuted at the federal level due to their severity and complexity.

In 2009, Detective Iorfino again received the John A. Clark Award for his role in solving the murder of Andrew Kissel. In 2010, he and his fellow investigators would be recognized by the Chief of Police as the Officer of the Month for their superb investigation into a burglary and recover of a firearm in Alabama. In 2012, Detective Iorfino was for the final time the recipient of the John A. Clark Award for his part in solving a shooting of a Mobil on the Run gas station attendant.

Indicative of the impact of Detective Iorfino’s career are the numerous letters of gratitude from the victims of the crimes that he investigated. As Detective Iorfino looked back on this career he discussed two things; team work and justice for the victims. Detective Iorfino was the first to acknowledge the hard work of his peers and partners. Moreover, his sense of pride did not come from accolades but from the feeling that in some way he had helped the victims and their families.


“Pat has proven himself time and time again to be a highly successful investigator with an unflinching desire to catch the bad guys. During the DiBaise Home Invasion investigation, Pat relentlessly worked that case and was instrumental in its prosecution in the Federal court system. It’s that kind of work ethic that solves cases and we are fortunate the Pat will continue to serve the Town as a Special Police Officer. I am very proud to have served with Pat and wish him the best in the next stage of his life.” – Chief James Heavey

Upon his retirement and in culmination of a long and distinguished career, Detective Iorfino was appointed to the position of Detective First Grade. Detective Iorfino is the first officer of the Greenwich Police Department to hold this designation.