Greenwich Package Pirates Caught in the Act

On the afternoon of March 20, Greenwich Police received information that individuals would be responding to a Greenwich residence on Red Coat Lane to pick up a package delivered by UPS containing cellphones that had been obtained by fraudulent means.

The suspects, Derick Dimson, 28, of 2627 Hunter Street in Newark, NJ was later observed retrieving the delivered package.

Also, police say that other cellular devices were located in the car Dimson arrived in, and were also determined to be obtained fraudulently.

The total value of the fraudulently obtained cellular devices was determined to be $14,888.

Also arrested was Julius Kelly, 40, of 1209 South State St in Hillside, NJ, who was observed driving the car that pulled into the driveway where the package had been delivered. Mr. Kelly’s passenger, Mr. Dimson, retrieved the package and returned to the vehicle where the other fraudulently obtained devices were located.

Both Dimson and Kelly were each charged with Larceny 2 and Conspiracy to Commit Larceny 2. Both were assigned a $25,000 bond. Neither were able to post bond. Both were assigned a date in Stamford Superior Court on April 4, 2018.