Greenwich Man Sells iPhone 8 Online, Ships it to Nigeria, Doesn’t Get Paid

On Feb 13 an Orchard Drive man reported to Greenwich Police that he had been scammed by someone in Nigeria.

According to Lt Slusarz the victim advertised that he was selling his iPhone on the internet. “Someone says, ‘I’ll buy it, but I’m in Nigeria on business. Please send it here and I’ll pay you the $1,200 you want for it,'” Slusarz said, adding that the transaction was arranged on a site called Fiverr, which is primarily a marketplace for freelance services.

The victim shipped his phone, a space gray iPhone 8, to Nigeria, but the money didn’t clear through Fiverr.

“He went to view the payment and it said it was pending, and would be released when it got to Nigeria. Then he was told he needed another $100 to get the phone out of holding. Then he found out it was a scam,” Slusarz said.