Greenwich Fire Dept Seeks Volunteer Firefighters and Fire Police

The Greenwich Fire Dept is actively seeking Volunteer Firefighters and Fire Police, to join the 7 Volunteer Fire Companies/ 1 Fire Police Patrol with in the Town of Greenwich.

Volunteer members of the Greenwich Fire Dept work along the Career Firefighters as a team in mitigating emergency fire calls.

You will be taught the skills both in house and outside of the department in order to operate safely. The Department will provide the personal protective gear that you will need to get the job done.

In March the Department will be hosting a Firefighter I CT certification course that will end in June. This is a good time to contact me to be placed into a volunteer fire
company and take the course to become a certified firefighter.
The Greenwich Fire Department respond town wide to about 4,000 alarms a year. The type of alarms ranges from structure fires, motor vehicle accidents, natural disasters, and medical assists to name a few.

The mission of the Greenwich Fire Department centers on the preservation of life and property in the Town of Greenwich against the ravages of fire. The Greenwich Fire Dept is a combination fire department consisting of uniformed career and volunteer firefighters who work together to accomplish this mission.

Responding to over 4,200 emergency calls annually, the men and women of the Greenwich Fire Dept are trained and equipped to handle a wide range of threats. This all-hazard approach prepares firefighters for many types of calls ranging from minor fire alarms to structure fires, motor vehicle accidents, and hazardous materials incidents.

Fire apparatus consists of 14 Engines, three Ladders, Fire Patrol, and a Heavy Rescue. The Fire Department operates this equipment out of eight fire houses within Greenwich (and Banksville, New York).

Monthly Commitment:
• Monthly Volunteer Fire Company/Fire Police Patrol Meeting
• Company Drill
• Town Wide Drill (two deliveries – one only attend)
• Fire Alarms

To get started, you will need to contact the Brian M. Kelly, GFD Volunteer Coordinator, 203-618-8877 or email: [email protected].