Greenwich Communities Distribute Fire Extinguishers, Demonstrate Proper Use at Adams Garden

Greenwich Communities gave out free fire extinguishers at Adams Garden over the weekend.

Deputy Fire Marshall Bob Roth of the Greenwich Fire Department was on hand to help facilitate the distribution and to demonstrate the proper use of a fire extinguisher to the residents.  More than half of the residents attended to collect the free fire extinguishers.

Anthony Johnson of Greenwich Communities, Deputy Fire Marshall Bob Roth of the Greenwich Fire Department, and Greenwich Communities board chair Sam Romeo at Adams Garden. Contributed photo

First, Roth advised that all occupants of the household know to call 911. He assured that when one calls from a cell phone or landline, it will be maintained once that connection is made. He recommended that for those living in Adams Garden, because of its proximity to the Greenwich/Stamford border, the 911 call may be bounced to the Stamford tower, so it is important to communicate that the caller is in Greenwich.

“Don’t be the hero. Call 911. Get yourself out and get your family out. The house can be replaced, but you cannot be,” Roth said. 

When it comes to proper use of a fire extinguisher, Roth described the method using the acronym P.A.S.S.

P stands for pull the pin, A stands for aim the hose, the first S stands for squeeze the lever, and the second one is for Sweep,” he explained.  “P.A.S.S. pull the pin, aim the extinguisher, squeeze the lever, and sweep into the fire. Don’t just shoot it straight into the fire.” 

Roth also explained that in the event of a kitchen fire on the stovetop, the most important thing is to put a lid on it and cover it.  

Finally, he reminded attendees that a working smoke detector provides an early warning of a fire. Therefore, batteries in smoke detectors should also be changed when one changes the clock next month. “Fresh batteries are your first line of defense,” he said.

Smoke detectors are recommended on every floor of an apartment, condo, or house, “as well as one in each bedroom because outside the bedroom and inside the bedroom will give one more safety.”  Chirping means the battery is going low. 

Roth reassured the residents that when in doubt, the fire department is always available.

“You don’t have to call 911. You can call the routine business number anytime, and they will send a fire truck over with no lights and no sirens just to come and check things out,” Roth said. “Any time you have any questions, a smell or a question with the smoke detectors, always feel free to call. We are here night and day 24/7. Don’t think you are bothering us. This is what we are here for. This is our job to come out and help regardless of the time of day.” 

“We recognize that ensuring the safety of the residents of Greenwich Communities is paramount. These fire extinguisher handouts are also an awareness and education opportunity for our families. We are appreciative of the outreach from the Greenwich Fire Department in supporting our initiative,” said Anthony Johnson, CEO and Executive Director of Greenwich Communities.