GPD: Stolen Audi from Greenwich was “100% Preventable”

Greenwich Police say an Audi was stolen over the weekend from the Pemberwick/Glenville area on the west side of town.

The car had been left unlocked and has not been recovered.

“Investigation revealed (the Audi) was driving around Bristol and Hartford all weekend,” said PIO Lt Mark Zuccerella on Monday.

Zuccerella said there were also three complaints of Larcenies from Motor Vehicles, all unlocked, over the weekend, and one of them was in the area of the stolen Audi.

“In regard to the larceny from a motor vehicle in Pemberwick, patrol officers had a suspect car, but the car was stolen so there were no leads,” Zuccerella added, noting that the car left after Police flooded the area.  He said that that stolen car may have been involved in a shooting in another Connecticut city up the line.

“I cannot stress the point that these cars are not stolen for profit. They are stolen to commit crimes.” – Lt Mark Zuccerella

Zuccerella said the larceny from motor vehicle complaints are the result of thieves who are looking for unlocked cars with keys, not loose change.

“These crimes are 100 percent preventable,” he said.