GPD Sergeant Bucci honored for diligence and professionalism

Sergeant Daniel Bucci was awarded the Greenwich Police Dept’s Officer of the Month recognition to acknowledge his Diligence and Professionalism.

On June 20, 2021, Sergeant Daniel Bucci was assigned as the Desk Sergeant during the evening shift. According to police, he was aware that a prisoner had a history of drug abuse and other poor coping skills and, as a highly trained and experienced officer, monitored the prisoner through cellblock video surveillance cameras.

As he watched the prisoner become agitated within his cell, Sgt. Bucci called for the arresting officers to respond to the cell to determine what was causing the prisoner to act out.

He then observed the prisoner fashioning a rope out of his blanket. Acting immediately, he sprinted to the cellblock where he found the prisoner standing on the toilet with the blanket wrapped around his neck, preparing to hang himself.

Sgt. Bucci disrupted the prisoner’s behavior utilizing simple verbal de-escalation techniques. The prisoner was not harmed and was transported to the hospital without further incident.

Sgt. Bucci’s actions bring great credit to himself and the Greenwich Police Department and demonstrate two of the Department’s core values, Diligence, and Respect.