GPD Foil Duo’s Plot to Receive Parcel Containing Pot at Saks Shoe Store

Around 5:00pm on Thursday, July 12, Greenwich Police responded to Saks Fifth Avenue Shoe Store at 20 East Elm Street on a report of a suspicious package.

The package had been delivered by Fed Ex and was opened by store employees prior to Police arriving and believed to contain marijuana.

Greenwich Police arrived and confirmed the package contained a large amount of marijuana.

Police brought the package to headquarters where it was weighed and tested, indicating a presumptive positive for THC. The package contained 5.07 lbs of marijuana with an estimated street value of about $30,000.

On Monday, July 16 at about 4:00pm, police Narcotics setion responded to the shoe store on a report that two people were attempting to retrieve the package.

The accused, Richard J Flores, 27, of 29 Brooks Place on Staten Island, NY, and a co-conspirator Harold Stanley Martin, 27, of 3529 Pine Grove Drive in Douglasville, Georgia, were detained as part of this investigation.

Through on scene interviews, sworn written statements and corroborating information obtained through Fed Ex, it was determined that Flores and Martin were attempting to retrieve the package containing a large amount of marijuana.

They were each charged with Criminal Attempt to Possess with Intent to sell Marijuana Over 1 Kilogram, Conspiracy to Possess with Intent to sell Marijuana Over 1 Kilogram, and Criminal Attempt to Possess Marijuana over 4 Oz.

Neither Martin nor Flores were able to post their individual $75,000 bond set by the State Attorney’s office and were placed in theh GPD cell block. They are scheduled to appear in Stamford Superior Court on August 1, 2018.