GPD: Beware of Scam Tactic Common Among Identity Thieves

“We have seen an increase in packages being delivered to Greenwich homes in the homeowner’s name, but the packages have not been ordered by homeowner,” said Lt Mark Zuccerella, going on to describe a tactic common among identity thieves.

He said the thieves use a third party’s stolen credit card information or identity to create a credit card account. Then they purchase items and have then sent to a random house via FedEx or UPS.  The suspect gets the package after it is dropped off.

Zuccerella said if anyone receives a package they didn’t order, they should call (203) 622-8004.

“We will come and dispose of it for you and hopefully track down the account holder to advise them their ID has been stolen,” Zuccerella continued.  

“This is a good time to check your personal identifying information with the three credit bureaus to make sure you do not have any unknown credit accounts opened in your name or SSN,” Zuccerella said.