Fleeing Shoplifter Caught after Hiding in Pre-School Dumpster

Heisze Chan, 36, of 109 Webbs Hill Rd in Stamford was arrested after fleeing from CVS store managers on West Putnam Ave on Tuesday. The alleged shoplifter tried to hide in a dumpster at Gateway Preschool, and later was discovered hiding in a pile of trash behind a building on Byram Terrace.

According to Greenwich Police, the shoplifting incident was reported to Greenwich Police at about 6:30pm. Police were dispatched to CVS to investigate the report of a shoplifter fleeing store managers by running away on West Putnam Ave.

Proceeds from the shoplifting totaling approximately $150 were later recovered in a nearby dumpster.

According to Greenwich Police, the officer detailed to investigate was unable to locate the suspect, but an hour later a custodian from the pre-school called in an odd event. The custodian related that when he went to throw out the trash, he was startled by a woman in the dumpster who explained that she was looking for a private place to urinate.

The same police officer from the CVS incident was detailed to investigate the report of the woman in the dumpster, and mentally linked the two incidents.  The officer checked the surrounding area and found the proceeds from the shoplifting incident in a separate dumpster nearby.

According to supplemental police report, the officer conducted impromptu surveillance of the area in the event of the potential return of the suspect. As he waited and watched a taxi arrived and stopped in an unusual area. The officer approached the taxi driver who related that the company had received a request for a pick up from a female, but that no one was there. The officer searched the most likely hiding place in the vicinity and found the suspect hiding amongst a pile of trash behind a building on Byram Terrace.

While attempting to get away, the shoplifter attempted to hide in a dumpster on the property of Gateway Preschool at 2 Chapel St.

The subject was found by the school custodian and again fled. She was later located by Greenwich Police a short distance away and placed under arrest for Criminal Trespass 1st degree and Larceny 6th degree.

The suspect posted a $500 Surety bond and is scheduled to appear in Stamford Superior Court on April 22.