Driver Stopped for Running Red Light Busted for Drugs, Stolen License Plates

On Sept 21 Greenwich Police stopped a car that ran a red light at Delavan Ave by the exit of I95.

During the stop, police observed two license plates in plain view. The driver, Nicholas J Lahines, 43, of 44 Schyluar Ave in Stamford, gave police the plates, which police determined were stolen from a Stamford car dealership.

The officers then conducted a motor vehicle inventory of the property within the car before it was towed and found a wax fold of suspected heroin and two hypodermic needles, a burnt spoon, a glass vile containing an unknown white powder residue and one prescription pill.

In addition to receiving a warning for Failure to Obey Traffic Signal, Lahines was arrested for Possession of Drug Paraphernalia, Illegal Possession and Larceny 6. He was able to post his $1,000 bond and has a date in Stamford Superior Court on Sept. 29, 2017.