Driver Charged after Crossing Double Yellow, Running Over Curb, Popping Tire

Jorge T Pesantez-Morocho, 23, of 88 Oak Ridge Street in Greenwich was arrested on October 22 after they received a report of a driver who crossed over the double yellow line multiple times on Hamilton Avenue in the area of Bimbo Bakery around 9:00pm and ran over a curb before popping his tire.

On scene investigation revealed that Mr. Pesantez-Morocho did not perform field sobriety tests to standard.

Mr. Pesantez-Morocho was charged with DUI and License Classification. His bond was set at $250, which he was able to post. He was assigned a court date on Nov 6, 2017.

Also while police conducted their DUI investigation, they learned Mr. Pesantez-Morocho had an outstanding warrant for Failure to Appear 2 stemming back to an incident on Sept 19, 2002.

For that charge, Mr. Pesantez-Morocho’s bond was set at $500, which he was able to post and was released from custody.