Despite Perceived Spike, Greenwich Police Cite Drop in Reported Burglaries

While a number of high profile burglaries in Greenwich, including the one on Pheasant Lane on the night of Nov. 14, have filled headlines in local media, according to Lt. Gray at Greenwich Police Dept., the actual number of reported burglaries is on the decline.

The number of year-to-date reported residential burglaries in Greenwich as of December 3, 2015 was 42.

The number of reported residential burglaries for the same period in 2014 was 54.

The number of reported residential burglaries for the same period in 2013 was 56.

The night of Nov. 14, after police responded to the reported burglary interruped by homeowners on Pheasant Lane around 11:00pm. Then, during a house to house search, officers located a second home that had been burglarized on adjacent Rockwood Lane Spur. Then, on Sunday morning, a separate resident on Rockwood Lane reported that their unlocked 2007 Denali SUV, with keys inside, had been stolen from the driveway overnight.

And whereas the incidents on Pheasant Lane and Rockwood Lane Spur involved a helicopter search that woke many people from slumber, Lt. Gray pointed out that the reported residential burglaries include, for example, a bicycle being taken from an unlocked garage.

“Burglaries are on the decline, though they go through cycles and trends,” Lt. Gray said. “A number have occurred in mid- and back country, but that doesn’t mean that other areas like Byram and Riverside aren’t immune.”

He said that the patrol division is very aware of the burglaries and assigning extra patrols the the area.

Particularly during the holiday season, Greenwich Police remind residents to remember to lock their doors, activate  alarms, make homes look lived-in and active. Also, it’s important to always lock car doors and remove the keys no matter where a car is parked.

The Greenwich Police tip line information is:

email: [email protected]
(203) 622-3333
1(800) 372-1176

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