Unruly Bus Passenger at Rush Hour Charged with Breach of Peace, Interfering with an Officer

Around 6:00pm on Wednesday, Greenwich Police responded to a report of a man acting disorderly on a a CT Transit bus in the area of Railroad Ave and Arch Street.

According to Greenwich Police Lt. Slusarz, the man was on the bus behaving in a loud and obnoxious manner. He was disturbing  people on the bus, and when the bus driver asked him to quiet down a little bit, instead of quieting down, Mr. Powell got up and moved from the back of the bus to the front and started verbally berating the bus driver, interfering with his ability to drive the bus.”

Lt Slusarz said that the man verbally challenged the officers when they arrived on scene.

The unruly man, Jermaine R Powell, 44, of Heritage Lane in New Rochelle, NY was arrested and charged with Breach of Peace 2 and Interfering with an Officer.

Powell was able to post his bond of $250 and was released from police custody. He has a court date in Stamford Superior Court on Nov 15, 2017.