CT State Police Arrest Alleged Ring Leader in Street Racing after Monthslong Investigation

On Monday Connecticut State Police announced an arrest had been made of an alleged ring leader involved in street racing, which has been a problem across the state. The arrest followed months of diligent work to identify individuals involved.

Jefferson Duron of Norwalk. Photo: Connecticut State Police May 22, 2023

State Police arrested Jefferson Duron, 20, of Norwalk. He faces charges including Inciting to Riot, Riot 1st degree, Reckless Endangerment 1st degree, Improper Rear marker Lamps, Reckless Driving and Failure to Display Plates.

Police say that on Sunday State Troopers from the Bureau of Special Investigations Unit, CT Crime Center and Troop H personnel all worked in to proactively combat “Street Takeover” events that were scheduled to occur in the evening throughout Connecticut at undisclosed locations.

Over the past few months and through various investigative steps, state police obtained information through social media and undercover operations identifying participants who had initiated and taken part in these illegal events.

In their release, state police explained that Street Takeovers are when illegal racers and mobs of spectators take over a specific area, blocking roadways, intersections, parking lots, and/or commuter lots while in the process of initiating races, performing burnouts, setting fires and releasing fireworks.

These events occur while spectators cheer on and record videos, later posting them on social media.

All events can be extremely dangerous and the public is asked to be cautious when approaching one.

Police say that in these Street Takeovers, racers and most spectators do not leave or back down when law enforcement arrives on-scene. In fact, they say that in several instances when police arrived cruisers were boxed in and vandalized.

Additionally, state police said that in one incident, a firearm was displayed by a spectator who was jumping on the hood of a police vehicle.

In the past several weeks, numerous Police Departments and State Police have responded to these takeovers, all of which are currently under investigation by the departments with assistance from the Federal Bureau of Investigation.

On Sunday night, during a series of pre-planned criminal acts by a multitude of people, continuous events occurred throughout Hartford, Tolland and New Haven Counties, with approximately 200 people involved.

Upon State Police deploying numerous resources, a Ford Mustang GT, color gray was identified as one of the vehicles leading the events.

Troopers later conducted surveillance and observed the Ford traveling south on I-91, Rte 40 Connector in the area of Milford. Troopers initiated a motor vehicle stop which later led to the arrest of Mr. Duron.

Duron was taken into custody and transported

Duron’s bond was set at $250,000.

Duron, who was arrested at 1:30am on Monday appeared in Manchester Superior Court later in the day.

These events are continuing to be investigated and if anyone has any information regarding involved parties is asked to contact State Police (860) 534-1000, all information will be kept anonymous.

CT State Police will continue to investigate these criminal acts, make arrests and seize vehicles.

Street Takeovers are occurring across the state, with illegal racers and mobs of spectators taking over a specific area, blocking roadways, intersections, parking lots, and/or commuter lots and racing, performing burnouts, setting fires and releasing fireworks.