Cos Cob Man Charged with DUI after Ham Ave Car Accident

police holding cells 2

While investigating a minor car accident on Hamilton Avenue, Jose Decarvalho, 63, of 67 Strickland Rd, related that he was in a minor car accident and that the side mirrors of both cars were were damaged.

Upon interviewing DeCarvalho, the investigating Officer detected a strong odor of an alcoholic type beverage and noticed he had red, glassy, blood shot eyes and was mumbling as he spoke.

DeCarvalho was also swaying from side to side. At one point, he nearly lost his balance while standing on the side of the roadway.

DeCarvalho submitted to a series of Field Sobriety Test but could not preform the test. He refused to submit to an additional Field Sobriety test, was placed under arrest, transported to Greenwich Police headquarters, where he refused to submitted to a breath test. He was charged with DUI and Improper Passing/Safe Dist/Cutting In.

After his son posted a $500 Cash Bond, Mr. DeCarvalho was released.He has a court date of Oct. 19 in Stamford Superior Court.