Car Thief Uses a Novel Approach to Drive Away with a 2004 Jeep Cherokee

Greenwich Police report that on Friday, March 9 around 7:00 pm, a car was stolen, but this time the scenario did not involve thieves checking for unlocked doors in the overnight hours.

According to Lt Slusarz, a 2004 Jeep Cherokee advertised for sale for $1,500 was parked at the Citgo Gas Station at 392 Post Road.

“A guy shows up and says I’m interested in buying the car and says agreed to come back on the 9th to test drive it,” Slusarz said, adding that the potential buyer, a Brazilian white male in his 30’s who spoke fluent Portuguese arrived with his 7 year old daughter for the test drive.

The man and his daughter headed out for a test drive and didn’t return.

Slusarz said the suspect was skinny and had black hair.

Brazilian white male in his 30s skinny build and black hair spoke fluent Portuguese.