Byram Cab Ride Ends in Knife-Point Robbery and Severe Injuries

Early Saturday morning, a Port Chester cab driver was robbed at knife point and severely injured by an assailant on South Water Street.

Shortly after 3:15am, Miguel A. Reyes-Pantoja, 27, of 23 Poningo St in Port Chester, received a ride from an RC Taxi driver.

Upon arriving at Reyes-Pantoja’s destination, Reyes-Pantoja grabbed the driver around the neck and demanded his wallet. Reyes-Pantoja then cut the driver’s face and neck, causing severe and life threatening injuries.

The victim instinctively reached out for the most readily available means of communication, grabbing the taxi’s CB radio and called for help. Numerous other drivers of RC Taxi immediately responded to the scene and they contacted the Greenwich Police Department. Upon arrival of the Officers, Reyes-Pantoja was taken into custody without incident.

Due to the severity of the injuries, the victim was transported to The Stamford Hospital (the regions Level II Trauma Center) and was immediately taken into surgery. The victim is currently out of surgery and recovering well.

Reyes-Pantoja has a court date of Feb. 23, 2015 and was held on a $500,000 bond for Felony Assault in the 1st Degree, Felony Robbery 1st Degree and Breach of Peace, a misdemeanor.