GPD: Bomb Squad Responds to Glenville On Report of Live Grenade in Bushes

On Saturday Greenwich Police received a report of a possible live grenade discovered at a construction site in the area of Almira Drive in Glenville. Police closed the street to traffic for several hours.

According to Greenwich Police Lt  John Slusarz, a contractor found what he believed to be a grenade in the bushes at a construction site.

“He put a wheelbarrow on top of it in case it was live,” Slusarz said.

“If there’s a chance of explosives, we clear the area,” Slusarz explained. “The state bomb squad came down and found that it was actually a lighter.”

Slusarz said  that a couple times a year the bomb squad will respond to a residence typically because people find old ordnance that someone brought back from a war as a souvenir.

“If it’s an explosive – someone thinks it’s a grenade or a bomb – they should is contact us immediately,” Slusarz said. “We’ll respond and assess the situation, and if warranted, have the bomb squad come in. In the meantime, they should stay clear and not touch it.”