At GPD, Bounty Hunters Deliver Man Wanted for Passing $100 Bills

Greenwich Police arrested a man who allegedly passed counterfeit $100 bills at locations in town including CVS stores on St patricks’ Day, March 17, 2017.

Shoyn M Johnson, 28, of 13822 242 street in Rosedale, NY was charged on Sept 20 with larceny 6 and Forgery 1 (2 counts) after he was brought into police headquarters by bounty hunters on Wednesday around noon.

He was arrested and taken into custody. His bond was set at $100,000 which he was unable to post.

While he was in custody, police determined he also had an outstanding PRAWN warrant for Failure to Appear for a previous court date.

He was additionally charged with failure to Appear 1 and bond was set at $85,000.

Mr. Johnson was assigned a court date on Oct 4, 2017.