After Construction Tools Go Missing on Flagler Drive, Police Issue a Heads-Up to Contractors

Construction tools valued at between $5,000 and $10,000 were taken from a garage on Flagler Drive some time between 6:00pm on Oct 27 and noon on the 28th.

Greenwich Police Lt. Gray said that there has been an uptick in construction site burglaries, and that contractors are advised to mark their equipment with unique identifiers specific to their company in case they need to identify their equipment.

Lt. Gray also advises contractors to not only keep a list of serial numbers of their equipment, but to keep digital photos of their equipment on their cell phones. In the event something goes missing, contractors can share the photos with Greenwich Police.

“If you see suspicious activity, call Greenwich Police,” Lt. Gray warned, adding that equipment should be secured even during the work day because several burglaries have occurred during the daytime.