After 12 Recent Incidents Police Say Local Man is a Public Nuisance and a Danger to Society

On May 29 Greenwich Police arrested an Oak Ridge Street resident Patrick Nielson, 35, and charged him with Criminal Trespass 2, Disorderly Conduct and Threatening 2 after an incident at a local business on West Putnam Ave.

Police responded to a report that Mr. Nielson entered the store after previously being told by police he was not allowed on the premises. A Trespass notice had been issued to him on May 23.

Police say Nielson entered the business and was immediately told to leave. Instead he began to act aggressively in the presence of another customer, slammed his hand on the counter several times and demanded to be sold goods.

During this time, Mr. Nielson also threatened to punch the cashier.

Nielson left the business prior to police arriving but he was located at home and placed under arrest.

His bond was set at $5,000 which he was unable to post. He was placed in police holding cell #2.

The police arrest report notes Mr. “Nielson has become a public nuisance and a danger to society.”

He has had 12 documented police interactions since April 25. During this time he has been issued Trespass notices from three businesses, investigated for disorderly incidents, forced to the hospital under an Emergency Request for Examination and attempted to assault police officers.

Nielson has a date scheduled in Stamford Superior Court on June 12, 2023.

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