The Children’s School Virtual Parenting Workshop: Making Math Make Sense

Greg Tang will present a virtual parenting workshop, “Mathematics Everywhere, for Everyone” on Wednesday, March 31, at 7:00pm.

In his talk for The Children’s School, Greg will present an approach to math that makes working with numbers more intuitive and enjoyable, for children and parents alike.

Many of the traditional problem-solving algorithms taught in school, Greg argues, are cumbersome and tedious to apply, and as a consequence many children begin to dread math.

To get children off on the right foot with arithmetic, he teaches techniques—such as grouping numbers and using visualizations—that make problems easier and much more satisfying to solve.

Children become more confident about their skills when they realize they can use reasoning, rather than blindly applying an algorithm, to find solutions.

Greg Tang is the author of eight picture books about math, including the best-selling The Grapes of Math, and develops teaching guides and math games.

A funny and engaging speaker, he shows everyone at his talks—even the most math-phobic—how satisfying it can be to work on math problems. You’ll leave his workshop feeling much more confident in your ability to help your children practice their skills. 

If you are interested in attending, please contact The Children’s School at (203) 329-8815.

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