The Children’s School to Host Psychologist and Author Dr. Michael Thompson

The Children’s School is honored to have renowned clinical psychologist and author Michael Thompson, Ph.D. on campus to talk with parents about “The Social Life of Children: Milestones, Setbacks and Triumphs.”

The talk is Wednesday, November 8, at 7:00pm.

The public is invited to join this workshop, the first in a series of parenting lectures the School has organized on topics relevant to families with young children.

As a best-selling author and researcher, Dr. Thompson has delved into important subjects such as the emotional lives of boys (Raising Cain) and the high expectations placed on children (The Pressured Child). His expertise and prolific writing have garnered both public and academic acclaim, making him the ideal speaker to address the intricacies of children’s social interactions. In this talk, he will draw on his authoritative works Best Friends, Worst Enemies: Understanding the Social Lives of Children and Mom, They’re Teasing Me: Helping Your Child Solve Social Problems to deliver insights that will inform and reassure parents. His aim is to alleviate parents’ concerns as their children navigate the development of a distinct social identity outside the comforts of home.

During the workshop, Dr. Thompson will delve into the complexity of children’s behaviors within social groups, shedding light on the influential “invisible rules” that govern group dynamics during crucial stages of development. He will look in particular at children ages 7 to 12, a period marked by the intricate interplay of friendship, teasing, aggression and challenges. As children seek connection, recognition, and power in their social settings, they will inevitably face conflicts with other children, whether at school, camp, or in the neighborhood.

According to Dr. Thompson, the best “insurance policy” for a child’s ability to form strong friendships is the quality of their early attachments. He will reflect on how a child’s relationships with family members, their “first friends,” profoundly influence their subsequent relationships.

Beyond family attachments, Dr. Thompson will also address the role of temperament, life’s ups and downs, the social climate at school, and parental attitudes toward a child’s social experiences.

He’ll offer effective and sensitive ways for parents to respond to their child’s social challenges and how to distinguish normal social hurts from significant trauma.

Lastly, Dr. Thompson will answer crucial questions about aiding socially awkward and isolated children, intervening in social conflicts, and promoting responsible friendship dynamics.

There will be a lifetime of wisdom and experience about children’s friendships packed into this workshop.

To attend this special event on November 8, kindly RSVP by emailing [email protected] or calling (203) 329.8815.

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