Listening to Children through the Noise of Adults

The Mead School in Stamford is hosting an event, “Listening to Children through the Noise of Adults.”

This generation will inherit a set of complex global issues. A recent life-altering pandemic may be the least of it.

  • What do kids want to tell adults?
  • What do adults need to hear?

At the event 8-10 local Middle and High School Students will explore these critical issues and questions. We’re ready to listen. Let’s break some new ground. Be a part of this timely event. Join the event live at The Mead School for this panel, workshop, and discussion featuring students from local schools.

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For more information call Jeannette Baxendale, Director of Marketing at 203-595-9500.

Sunday, April 23, 2023: 2:30-4:00pm. The Mead School is located at 1095 Riverbank Road, Stamford.