Pemberwick-Glenville Association Board: Support Army Corps of Engineers Proposal to Replace and Elevate Bridges at State Line

Submitted by the Pemberwick-Glenville Association (PGA) board, July 30, 2018

There was a good turnout for the presentation last Tuesday evening by the Army Corps of Engineers and Greenwich Dept of Public Works officials on the proposal to replace and elevate the Route 1 bridges at the CT/NY state line.

The goal is to measurably reduce the risk of flooding in the Byram River basin (from the north bridge to the dam at Comly Ave).

It is worth noting that the concept of replacing the bridges was studied only because residents made it known to the Army Corps of Engineers that the restriction caused by the bridges is the major cause of the flooding. Your voice matters.

The chief purpose of the presentation was to appeal to the community for support of the project, which is necessary to proceed. We were reminded that a flood mitigation proposal had reached this stage in 1977 and was aborted because the community did not support it.

We assume that all residents subject to flooding support this new proposal, and strongly urge them to register that support now (the deadline is August 20) by writing to the Army Corp (see sample letter pasted below).

However, we believe that ALL western Greenwich residents as well as our Port Chester neighbors should add their support because the bridge project to reduce flood risk from periodic major storms may be the catalyst for comprehensive improvements to that intersection that effects all of us every day.

While the Army Corp stressed that the scope of their project does not include intersection redesign or improvements, they are in discussion with the NYSDOT, Westchester County and Port Chester officials (as well as Town of Greenwich) for their support and coordination, and they encourage residents to also let these government entities know what it is we want to happen.

Please take a few minutes to send your support or comments to the addresses pasted below. You may simply copy this sample letter or compose your own. Thanks for your participation!

The PGA board of directors

(Sample letter – thanks to contributions of several neighbors who have already written)

I/we want to express our full support for the proposed plan to raise / replace the US1 bridges at the CT/NY state line.   This is the only economically feasible plan that will materially reduce the height of the flood waters north of US1 and south of dam at Comly Avenue on the Byram River.  In addition, we believe it would be beneficial to also widen the river channel below Monica Road south to US1 wherever possible.  This would include the removal, where possible, of  much vegetation, including large trees extremely close to the existing channel that serve as an impediment to the river flow during a flood caused by excessive rainfall.  Many of these trees have grown up over the past 40 + years since the major flooding of the early 1970’s.

In supporting the bridge project we also feel strongly that it should be combined with a public safety / traffic flow improvement project for the intersection integrated with these bridges. The serious public safety/traffic issues with this intersection have plagued NY and CT residents, local businesses, and travelers by all modes every day for many decades. This intersection is vital for both states, and indeed as a link in the route that is the emergency alternate to I 95.

We feel it is time for all accountable government entities to coordinate on this project to finally ensure safe, efficient passage through this intersection by all legal users.


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