Hazardous Wind Chills Sunday Night through Monday Morning

Between 6:00pm Sunday night and 9:00am on Monday, Washington’s birthday, the NWS forecasts wind chills between -25°-30° in the “warning” area and -20° in the “advisory area.”

The lowest wind chills will be after midnight and into Monday morning. Impacts include frostbite and possible hypothermia if precautions are not taken. The National Weather Service recommends wearing hat and gloves.

According to the National Weather Service, historic lows for this day in history are 1° in Central Park, New York in 1888, 2° in LaGuardia, NY in 1943 and 4° in Bridgeport in 1987.

In Greenwich the NWS forecast for Monday is sunny and cold, with a high near 16° with wind chill values between -15° and -25°.

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