Important Traffic Alert from Greenwich Police Dept: Change of Plan on Rte 1 Paving Between Maher Ave & Greenwich Ave

Notice from Greenwich Police Dept, Lt Slusarz:

As many of you may be aware, Route 1  is scheduled to be paved between Maher Ave and Greenwich Ave overnight each night since Sunday.  However, Due to rain and lower temperatures, the contractor had to cancel.

Based on the requirements of the Connecticut Dept of Transportation, the paving operations cannot occur overnight anytime over the next week.  Therefore, the contractor has scheduled this operation to occur starting Wednesday, Nov 8 at 7:00am. 

This decision was dictated to the Town by Connecticut Dept of Transportation.

The paving is expected to last the entire day.

We understand this may cause impacts to traffic.  The contractor is required to maintain one lane of traffic in each direction and to allow access to all businesses and side roads.

We have been told that this is a one day operation so things should return to normal by Wednesday evening.