YWCA Re-Boots Greenwich Town Swim Champs after Covid Hiatus

After missing the 2020 season due to the hiatus created by Covid-19, YWCA Greenwich returned to sponsor the annual Town wide, Greenwich Swim Championship Meet for the 20th annual edition.

With a slightly smaller – but competitive field – the meet featured 48 events held over two days at the Greenwich High School Pool last Friday and Saturday, November 26 and 27th with 210 swimmers from the YWCA Dolphins and YMCA Marlins – ages 6-18 taking to the water.

PHOTO: ChiChi Ubiña/Fairfield County LOOK

“This is a great event which allows all the areas swimmers and their teams to come together at one venue and compete,” Noted veteran YWCA Head Coach Nick Cavataro. “It is rare that you see swimmers in the 8-and-under group compete alongside the 15-and-over swimmers in the same venue,” commented Cavataro. “The results are always a lot of fun.”

In the 8-and-under group the YMCA Marlins’ Linley Charette was the top winner taking the 8-and-under 25-Backstroke, Breaststroke and Butterfly events, with teammate Catherine Ripp winning gold in the 25-Freestyle. The boys side saw the Marlins’ Jack Zapata win the 25-Freestyle and Breaststroke events with teammate Mackey Reuter taking tie 25-Backstroke. The YWCA Dolphins Luca Schrippa took gold in the 25-Butterfly along with silver in the 25-Freestyle and Breaststroke events.

The 9-and-10-girls class had the Dolphins’ Meimei Zhao take gold in the 50-Breaststroke and Butterfly events as the Marlins’ Alden Charette and Meredith McDermott took top honors respectively in the 50-Freestyle and Backstroke events. The boy’s side had three swimmers take gold as the Marlins’ Calder Kelly claimed a pair of wins in the 50-Freestyle and Backstroke. Max Sahi of the Marlins and Jacob Greenberg of the Dolphins touched first in the 50-Breaststroke and Butterfly races, respectively.

PHOTO: ChiChi Ubiña/Fairfield County LOOK

The 11-12 girls group had the Dolphins’ Kate Boutry take the top spot in the 50-Freestyle and Backstroke events as teammate Ilse Fedoronko claimed gold in the 50-Butterfly. The Marlins Ellison Charette touched first in the 50-Breaststroke. The boys 11-12 group saw Reed Keller of the Marlins take gold in the 50-Freestroke, Backstroke and Butterfly events with the Dolphins Connor McMahon claiming gold in the 50-Breaststroke.

The 13-14 girls class had the Marlins’ Maddie Horner win a pair, taking the 100-Freestroke and Butterfly races as the Dolphins’ Melissa Geiger and Lily Hakim touched first respectively in the 100-Backstroke and Breaststroke races.

The Dolphin tandem of Luke Mendelsohn and Jonathon Packard each took a pair of golds, with Mendelsohn winning the 100-Freestroke and Breaststroke races and Packard taking the 100-Backstroke and Butterfly events.

The 15-18 class had the Dolphins’ Daisy Decker win a pair of races taking the 100-Backstroke and Butterfly events with teammate Sydney Jee touching the wall first in the 100-Breastroke.

The YMCA’s Sofie Wang had the top time in the class’s 100-Freestyle for gold. The boys side in the 15-18 class had the Marlins’ Bryan Laverty and Ben Levin each take a pair of gold medals. Laverty won the 100-Freestyle and Butterfly events as teammate Levine took the Backstroke
and Breaststroke races.

The distance races saw these Dolphins as first-time winners as Willa Sarcone, 18, took the 200-Backstroke; Nico Della Pietra, 14, touched first in the 400-Individual Medley and Ryan Jee claimed the 500-Freestyle.

Calder Kelly (100-Backstroke); Meimei Zhao (100-Breaststroke); Meredith McDermott (100-Butterfly) all added wins for the Marlins.

PHOTO: ChiChi Ubiña/Fairfield County LOOK