Greenwich Property Transfers, May 1-6, 2020

While town hall was closed to slow the spread of Covid-19, we were unable to publish property transfers. But town hall is now open and we’ll publish transfers every day until we’re caught up – then go back to once or twice a week to keep you “Up to the Minute.”

6 Arnold Street from Suzanne McDonald Trust to Otter Rock Inc on May 1, 2020 for $608,000

6 Carissa Lane from Peter and Victoria Newman to Ignacio Salvarredi on May 1, 2020 for $1,635,000

64 Hillcrest Park Rd from Jeffrey and Kimberly Evans to Alcesmaine LLC on May 1, 2020 for $1,800,000

1 Spring Rd

1 Spring Rd from Adam Milakofsky and Allison Milakofsky to Asphalt Refining Co on May 1, 2020 for $2,650,000

16 Greenbriar Lane

16 Greenbriar Lane from The Bodas 2001 Trust to Caitlin Egan on May 1, 2020 for $2,750,000

11 Ricki Beth Lane

11 Ricki Beth Lane from Steven Hirsch and Elizabeth Hirsch to Kuo-Chan Chen on May 4, 2020 for $1,375,000

82 Old Orchard Rd

82 Old Orchard Rd from BGRS Relocation Inc to Matthew Eng on May 4, 2020 for $1,667,000

82 Old Orchard Rd from Louis Ragusa and Christine Ragusa to BGRS Relocation Inc on May 4, 2020 for $1,762,500

51 Old Kings Highway #16 from Karin Gillespie to Anh Tran on May 4, 2020 for $495,000

5 Oak Street

5 Oak Street from Post Road Iron Works Inc to Lynne Haven MD on May 4, 2020 for $1,000,000

44 Husted Lane

44 Husted Lane from Aaronson Living Trust to Morena Gaio on May 6, 2020 for $2,180,000

64 Old Church Rd

64 Old Church Rd from Steve and Nina Winoker to Peter Frederik Van Den Berg on May 6, 2020 for $3,000,000

12 Mary Lane

12 Mary Lane from Kerry Schockley to Cosku Cobanoglu on May 6, 2020 for $860,000

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