Rash of Car Thefts Is Reminder for Greenwich Residents to Lock Their Cars

Greenwich Police announced Monday that there has been a rash of car thefts so far this month.

What do all the cars have in common? They were all unlocked.

On the 8th, two cars were stolen: an Audi from Hope Farm Road (off Lake Ave) was stolen and later recovered in Waterbury, and a Toyota Rav 4 from Clark Street (off Sound Beach Ave near the Rocky Point Club), which was recovered in Bridgeport.

On the 16th, a Range Rover was stolen from Buckfield Lane (off John St in back country) and later recovered from Waterbury.

On the 19th, three cars were stolen: a Jeep Wrangler was stolen from Glendale Street and a both a BMW X5 and VW Jetta were stolen from Riverside Ave. All three were recovered in Bridgeport.

On June 20th, a Subaru and a Honda Pilot were both stolen from Edgewater Drive. The Honda was recovered in West Hartford.

This rash of car thefts came after an all too brief pause.

Several cars were stolen in both April and May. Police say that all too often the thieves are juveniles who look for unlocked cars in the overnight hours. If there is no key in the unlocked car, they’ll likely rummage through it for items of value.

There have been 53 cars stolen from Greenwich since January. Chief Heavey said the cars are stolen by juveniles, often in gangs.

“After they get comfortable stealing cars they’re gong to do break ins,” he warned.

Please, lock your cars and bring keys and valuables with you.