Greenwich Property Transfers First Week of August

Property transfers as recorded in the Town of Greenwich Assessor’s office, Aug. 1-7, 2014:

83 Rockwood Lane from Carol Marlantes to Daniel Raedle on Aug. 1, 2014 for $2,000,000

Screen Shot 2014-08-08 at 3.31.41 PM559 Steamboat Rd Unit A3 from MLS Investment LLC to Charles Niemeth and Anne Niemeth on Aug 1, 2014 or $5,475,000

156 Weaver St from Todd Voigt and Michele Voigt to Lucy Maloney on Aug 1, 2014 for $2,670,000

11 Chieftans Rd from B. Cort Delany, Executor of the Estate of Barton M Biggs on Aug 1, 2014 for $2,550,000

5 Kinsman Lane from Camille A Palmer, a conserved person c/o Beverly Elliott to Adam C Tubbs and Laura J Garr on Aug 1, 2014 for $725,000

190 Weaver St from William J Falloon and Lori Rainaldi to Julia Paulina Posacki on Aug 1, 2014 for $1,250,500

21 Pierce Rd from Edward Kreppein and Cathleen Kreppein to Prasanth and Arathi Subramanian on Aug 1, 2014 for $1,750,000

125 North Water St from Kack M Kriskey and Veronica Staplefield to Merly L Passerelli and Ronald Passserelli Jr. on Aug 1, 2014 for $500,000

14 Rockwood Lane from Estate of Mary Ella Griswold to ADF1, LLC on Aug 1, 2014 for $2,575,000

12 Glenville St Unit 112 from Natalia Manevich to Alicia M Dibos on Aug 1, 2014 for $530,000

55 Rodwell Ave Unit B from Ryan Coyne and Shannon Smith to Harris Grannick and Soulaf Kassisse on Aug 1, 2014 for $475,000

7 East Lawn Lane from Ronald Majesky and Bernadette M Majersky to Cesar A Medina on Aug 1, 2014 for $1,100,000

70 Oneida Drive from Charles F Niemeth and Anne M Niemeth to RHCH LP on Aug 1, 2014 for $10,500,000

19 Grimes Rd from Barbara P Parker to Jacob Martinus Van Tuijl and Sigrid Jeane Schurling on Aug 4, 2014 for $2,025,000

10 Florence Rd from Dena L West, Trustee of the Gloria W Ekin Living Trust to Nurallah Nazerali on Aug 4, 2014 for $650,000

179 Stanwich Rd from Everett Bruce Robinson and Maria Elena Robinson to Takaki and Junko Sakai on Aug. 4, 2014 for $1,575,000

81 Howard Rd from Elizabeth P Johnson to Alan and Hilary Rifkin on Aug 4, 2014 for $2,740,000

28 Thunder Mountain Rd from Patrick F Preece Trustee and Jill S Preece Trustee to Edward S Strike and Stephanie L Strike on Aug. 4 2014 for $4,490,000

57 Mead Ave from Albert Jensen-Moulton and Stephanie Jensen-Moulton on Aug. 4 2014 for $624,500

19 Park Ave from Eric Tautel and Deborah von Donop to Frances and Ryan Bittman on Aug 4, 2014 for $1,330,000

33 Nimitz Place from Estate of Jeanne F Milne to Jonathan E Wolfe and Cynthia T Wolfe on Aug 4, 2014 for $965,000

189 Valley Rd from Estate of Dolores M Lanzetta to Colin and Lori Kronewitter on Aug 5, 2014 for $2,900,000

70 Riverdale Ave # 1004 from Sean P McReynolds and Sara B McReynolds to Michael Jonathan Vannelli on Aug 5, 2014 for $710,000

13 Pleasant Street from James J Cummiskey and Joy Tighe Cummiskey to Denise Petrone on Aug 5, 2014 for $795,000

18 Forest Ave from Macrae Sykes and Carisa Koontz Sykes to Frank and Chelsey Altomaro on Aug 6, 2014 for $1,700,000

26 Cobb Island Drive from John P Iorillo and Kim Iorillo Matthew and Adrianna Birk on Aug 6, 2014 for $3,850,000

8 Quintard Ave from Robert Shullman and Kathleen P Shullman to Timothy Baker on Aug 6, 2014 $3,259,023.13

2 Putnam Hill Apartments Unit 1H from William G Copeland and Patricia A Copeland to Ricahrd J Obertz on Aug 6, 2014 for $900,000

18 Porchuck Rd from Donald M Kendall Truestee of the Donale M Kendall Revocable Trust to Martin Allan Drooker on Aug. 7, 2014 for $3,650,000

O Mohawk from Elizabeth A Cummings as Executrix to O Mohawk LLC Aug 7, 2014 for $375,000

35 Mead Ave from 35 Mead Ave LLC Kai Blitnicky Member to Peter and Marie Spiller on Aug 7, 2014 for $1,015,000