LETTER: Local Developers Should Take Heed of Rose Castorini’s Sage Advice

To the Editor,

With all of the hullabaloo in town about 8-30g developments and the damage these will do to the town, it’s look, feel, and character; there’s one aspect that no one is willing to discuss.

Do the names Cabrera, Fareri, Franco and Pecora sound familiar? They should, as they all live in town and are the developers of record of many of the 8-30g projects.

Now I ask you to think back to a wonderful movie from 1987, Moonstruck. Details aside there is a special scene where Mrs. Rose Castorini (Olympia Dukakis) observes Perry (John Mahoney) a college professor, getting doused with a glass of water by a young coed.

Rose invites Perry to dine with her and when he protests about the treatment he has received from these young coeds, Rose wisely notes: “Don’t sh*t where you eat.”

If only Rose/Olympia were still here to share that wisdom with the developers. Maybe she’d add “How much money is enough”?