Turner Launches “My Voting Power Greenwich” to Encourage Millennial Involvement in Politics

Greenwich Democrat Tony Turner, formerly a member of the Board of Estimate and Taxation, is launching a new group called. “My Voting Power Greenwich,” a non-partisan organization with the goal of encouraging millennial involvement in politics. 

The idea is to invite millennials, 18-35 years old to join the non-partisan, non-profit community dedicated to enabling ease of voting and more informed voter decisions on local elections.

“Over the past eight election cycles, millennial voter participation has been 55% lower, on average, than those 36+ years old,” Turner said, adding, “Hopefully My Voting Power Greenwich is a way to get a conversation going about what is needed to make the percentage far more competitive in the future.”

Those interested are invited to go to myvotingpower.org for more information, to join or follow on Facebook or Instagram.

The website features useful links including “Register to Vote,” What are the elected positions in town?” “Who is representing you in Hartford?” “Am I registered?” “Change my voter registration” and an Election Calendar.