RTM Appointments Commission Seeks Five Volunteers for Condemnation Commission

The RTM is looking for candidates to serve on the Condemnation Commission.

Most nominations to  Town agencies are handled through the Board of Selectmen, but those for the Condemnation Commission and Flood and Erosion Control Board are the responsibility of the Appointments Committee of the RTM.

The deadline has been extended with the hope of attracting suitable candidates who will allow the composition of the Commission comply with the State Minority Representation Act.

To be eligible, candidates must be residents of the Town of Greenwich and be registered to vote in the Town of Greenwich.

The Condemnation Commission exercises the powers and performs the duties in respect to the condemnation of land and the assessment of damages and benefits arising only out of the construction of highways, sewers and public parking.

As officers of the Town, members have a responsibility to understand and abide by both the Town’s Code of Ethics and the State of Connecticut Freedom of Information Act. Service is without compensation.

Qualifications and Experience
Successful nominees will demonstrate ability to work and communicate with the public, attend to issues of both detail and large scope, and serve in the public interest.

The Appointments committee seeks to build a board with a balanced set of skills and professional experience which include, but not be limited to, Real Estate Evaluation, Construction, Engineering, Legal Expertise, Town Planning, and Public Representation.

Terms of Service
A standard term is four years.

Five nominations will be made.

Three nominations will be for appointments to interim terms beginning immediately and ending in March 31, 2021.

Two nominations will be made for appointment to serve regular terms beginning April 1, 2019 and ending March 31, 2023.



Candidates will provide a standardized information form and resume.

The form is available for download below.

Eligible persons email resume and form to Stuart Reider, Appointments Committee Vice Chair, at [email protected]
The deadline for serving notice of interest is: Friday October 26 at 12 noon.

Candidates will interview with the RTM Appointments Committee at a public meeting on Tuesday October 30 at 8:00pm in the Mazza Room room on the first floor in Greenwich Town Hall.

Nomination is by majority vote of the RTM Appointments Committee.

Successful candidates will be advised immediately of their nomination Additional interviews will be scheduled with with two other RTM standing committees who will make recommendations to the RTM.

Appointment will by majority vote of the RTM at a legally noticed public meeting.

Questions should be directed to: John Eddy, Appointments Committee Chair, at [email protected] or (203) 550-7122.

Information can be found on the RTM web site.

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