P&Z Watch: Chabad Lubavitch of Greenwich Proposes Pre-School at Former Carmel Academy on Lake Ave

A new pre application for proposed use of the former Carmel Academy (a private school for children of all Jewish affiliations, serving children from transitional kindergarten through 8th grade) for a pre-school program has been submitted to Greenwich’s P&Z Dept for review.

Per the field card the property is exempt from taxes. The property is 16.2 acres in the A-2 Single Family zone.

75 Mason Street, which has been home to Chabad Luvabitch, is for sale.

Per the pre application, Chabad Lubavitch of Greenwich proposes to use the former Carmel Academy property at 270 Lake Ave for its preschool program which is currently held at 75 Mason St and 6 Lincoln Avenue.

The Lake Ave campus had been occupied by 150 students at Carmel Academy and 147 students at the Japanese School. The Carmel Academy has ceased operation on the site.

There were 85 staff members at Carmel Academy and 30 staff for the Japanese School.

6 Lincoln Ave, adjacent to 75 Mason Street, has been home to a preschool run by Chabad Lubavitch, and was posted for sale this week.

Initially number of students attending the Chabad pre-school would be 60. (The number of students attending the Japanese School would remain at 147.)

There would also be a substantial reduction in the number of buses transporting students and staff at to the campus, and a big reduction of cars transporting staff and the students. Plus, the arrival and departure of the preschool students would be staggered.

Per the narrative, the replacement of the Carmel Academy with Chabad’s preschool program would result in a substantial reduction in students on campus as well as a significant reduction in car and bus traffic.

The current uses of the campus were initially approved by the Planning & Zoning Board of Appeals back in 1989. The Planning & Zoning Commission then approved the final site plan on October 11, 1990.

This site plan approval and special exception were later amended in December 1995.

In April 2000 the then Zoning Enforcement Officer approved the use of the campus as a summer camp program for Camp Gan Israel which has been held on the campus every year except when it was suspended due to the pandemic.

Planning and Zoning staff sign off is requested for the fall preschool program of 60 students.

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