P&Z to Entertain Proposal for Double-Sideways Tudor for East Elm Street

An  application for a demolition permit was filed by ITL Investments, LLC last December 2016.

The house, which  dates back to 1920, has since been razed.

ITL Investments is registered to Leo Biagini, whose application to subdivide his Hidden Brook property in Riverside in 2015 was denied by the Zoning Board of Appeals.

The application for final site plan and special permit for a new two-family residence, driveway, patio and associated site and drainage improvements, went before the Planning & Zoning Commission during their June 13th meeting and will be on the P&Z agenda on July 11.

The application must close by July 22, 2017.

59 East Elm Street in Greenwich, rendering of street elevation

Rendering of side elevation of proposed 2-family house on 59 East Elm Street

Rendering of side elevation of proposed 2-family house on 59 East Elm Street

Built 1920, the property sold from Estate of Joseph D’Autilio and Estate of Stephanie D’Autilio to ITL Investments, LLC, which is  registered to Leo Biagini, 38 Hidden Brook Road in Riverside  on Sept 30, 2016 for $1,375,000.

Mr. Biagini was in the news in 2015 when he sought to subdivide his  23,951 sq ft property property at 38 Hidden Brook into two lots, one comprised of 12,012 sq ft and the other with 11,939 sq ft. The application met scrutiny at a P&Z hearing attended by many of Biagini’s neighbors, who vociferously objected to the subdivision on a lot that features a hidden brook and would create a small, non-conforming lot. P&Z left the application open, as it was already scheduled to be reviewed by the Zoning Board of Appeals, who later rejected it.

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