Pemberwick Glenville Leaders Urge BET to Endorse Sidewalk & Park Access Project

pemberwick parkAn open letter to the BET from the Pemberwick Glenville Association Board of Directors

Members of the Board of Estimate and Taxation,

We write you in reference to the item listed as “Phase I – Pemberwick Rd Sidewalk/Park Access” that is recommended in the 2016/17 Budget. This 100 foot sidewalk will provide much needed access to the playground which is presently only accessible via stairs. This project was deemed “high priority” in the town wide ‘Pedestrian Safety Advisory Committee’ report completed in 2009. It is supported by the DPW, Parks and Recreation, the first Selectman and hundreds of documented petitioners in the area.

Referring to the details given for the project (p.69 – 70 in Capital Budget document) Per the SPSC, the sidewalk will “Improve safety by providing pedestrian and vehicular separation and encourage walking to specific destinations and for recreation.”


This project will not only meet the above qualifications, it will also:

* Provide safe access to, and into the Pemberwick Playground and the Meadow for the independent, mobility challenged and for strollers.

* Provide parking spaces to accommodate the mobility challenged who require assistance

* Improve sight lines for motor vehicles approaching the Park Area to greatly increase pedestrian safety

The above listed will clearly add value for the community and the town.

This “phase 1” portion of sidewalk is essential to bring the playground closer to ADA standards and is necessary no matter what future enhancements may take place in the playground. We hope to create a space that all can enjoy.

We strongly urge you to endorse this project and let any further discussion be taken up by the RTM.

The Pemberwick Glenville Association Board of Directors

Andrea Blume
Vin Dimarco
Stella Roberto
Catherine Eskierski
Diane Roth

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