Mid Term 2018 Election Hub: Greenwich, Statewide Turnout Both High

Update, Wed, Nov 7, 8:00am: The final voter turnout in Greenwich for the mid term election was 67.06%

Overall that represents 25,533 voters of 38,074 eligible voters.

Update: Nov 6, 6:12pm, the voter turnout in Greenwich has exceeded 61%, which reflects 23,236 voters.

In Greenwich the Registrar of voters sent an email to subscribers apologizing that his office no longer distributes district-by-district voting results throughout election day. The registrar said the reason is that Greenwich is now required to use a new reporting mechanism sponsored by the Secretary of the State.

Still, the voter turnout is being constantly updated, and, of 5:15pm, the turnout in Greenwich is a whopping 58%.

That boils down to about 22,000 voters out of 38,040 eligible.

According to the CT Secretary of the State Denise Merrill ‘s office, around 21% percent of voters statewide had gone to the polls as of 10:00am, which she described as high.

Merrill said Connecticut generally gets between a 55% and a 65% turnout during a midterm election and that the state’s voter turnout during presidential elections is typically around 75% or 80%.