It’s Time for New Dump Permits, Bye Bye Pink, Hello Yellow

Thursday, July 1, marks the day residents of the Town of Greenwich are required to prominently display the new Holly Hill Resource Recovery Facility entrance permit. Applications and the sale of this new permit started on Monday, June 7.

For a fee of $25, residential permit holders have access of disposing all accepted materials – including municipal solid waste (MSW), recycling, organic waste and bulky waste – at the Holly Hill facility for the entire year.

To align with the Town of Greenwich’s fiscal year, the permit can be used between July 1, 2021 to June 30, 2022. Due to the time it takes for the permit to be delivered through mail, it is recommended that residents purchase their permits ahead of time online at (under permits in the Public Works section of the website).

Over 7,500 waste disposal permits were sold during the 2020-2021 year. An option to apply for an application by mail is also available. All vehicles – both commercial and residential – must prominently display the new disposal permit in order to enter the Holly Hill Facility. No waste from outside of Greenwich is allowed.

To help staff and ensure the traffic will flow more smoothly, the Town of Greenwich kindly asks residents to show
their permit when visiting the Holly Hill Resource Recovery Facility. Permits can easily be displayed by hanging the
tag on the rearview mirror of the car. The fastest and most convenient way to apply for a permit is online.
Residents can purchase a pass any time of the day through the Public Works section of the
website. Since it costs money to dispose virtually all of the materials that are handled at the Holly Hill Facility, the

proceeds from the permit passes help support the Town of Greenwich. Every little bit helps the environment –
take advantage of the food scrap recycling program, as well as other recycling opportunities at the facility.

The Holly Hill Resource Recovery Facility is located on 4 Holly Hill Lane and is open Monday through Friday from 7:00am-2:30pm and Saturday from 7am-12pm. For more information, visit

Or print out the application and mail it to DPW with a check for $25.