Greenwich Town Hall and Holly Hill Will Be Closed on Tuesday Due to Storm

Update: Holly Hill Resource Recovery Facility will be closed on Tuesday

Also, Greenwich Library and its Byram Shubert and Cos Cob branches will be closed due to Inclement Weather. 

Due to the winter storm warning in effect, Town Hall employees will work remotely on Tuesday, Feb 13, 2024 and the building will be closed to the public.

Essential Town of Greenwich employees for snow removal and storm response will still be needed to report for work and should check with their supervisors.

Per First Selectman Camillo, this is being done out an abundance of caution due to the National Weather Service forecasting conditions that could result in a significant winter storm for Greenwich and the surrounding area.

A winter storm warning is in effect for all of Connecticut and currently, the NWS is forecasting that snow will become heavy at times by 6:00am Tuesday morning.

According to these forecasts, moderate to heavy snow is expected for Greenwich with a range of six to 14 inches possible for the Town. Town of Greenwich Emergency Management Director Joe Laucella has informed us that the snowfall rates could exceed two inches her hour at times during the height of this storm. There could also be strong, gusty winds and the possibility of thundersnow.

Travel could be very difficult during this time and In the interest of health and safety, Town employees will be working remotely on Tuesday. People will still be able to call Town Hall if they have questions or business that needs to be addressed but the physical building will be closed to the public.

During the storm, people should stay off the roads if at all possible. Residents should be extra cautious if they must drive during these potentially hazardous conditions and leave extra time for their travels during the storm.

People should also limit their time outside and if they do need to go out they should wear layers of warm clothing and keep an eye out for signs of frostbite and hypothermia. People also should reduce the risk of a heart attack by avoiding overexertion when shoveling snow and walking in the snow.

If a warming center is needed, the Margenot Atrium of the Public Safety Complex at 11 Bruce Place will be open for people to come in and charge small electronic devices.

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