Greenwich Registrars of Voters Seeks to Clear up Misconceptions

From the Registrars of Voters, Fred DeCaro and Mary Hegarty

To Our Greenwich Voters,

If you have applied for and received an absentee ballot please use it.  We want to clear up several misconceptions.

  1. The ballot boxes are safe, and under video surveillance.  They are emptied multiple times a day.
  2. Worried about security? There is a box in the police station lobby. 
  3. If you deposit your ballot by 8:00pm on election day, it will be counted.  The laws of the state of CT guarantee that.  There is no possibility of legal challenge for a ballot received by election day.

News reports indicate that COVID is seeing a recent spike in Connecticut.

Much like mask wearing, using your absentee ballot is in fact a way to flatten the curve.

Are we confident in the precautions taken in our polling places?  Absolutely, but if everyone who has not yet returned their absentee ballot does so, that is 300-400 people who will not be visiting the polling place.  Simple math tells us that poll workers and voters will be incrementally safer, and lines will be that much shorter.

You’ve done the hard work.  You’ve applied for and taken receipt of the ballot.  This weekend, please take a leisurely drive to Town Hall and deposit your ballot in the drop box there or at Police HQ, as a favor to your neighbors and yourself.