Greenwich Parking Services to Report Directly to Police Dept

In August 2018, the Town announced that it had engaged an independent parking management consultant, SP Plus to review the Town’s Parking Services Dept.

Since August, SP Plus has made several visits to the Town to review current operations, processes, policies and staff assignments.

They also assisted with the implementation of upgraded technology and equipment to enhance services.

SP Plus continues to work closely with the Parking Services staff, the Town’s external consultant Ron Lalli, a retired Town Risk Manager and former Internal Auditor, as well as the Office of the First Selectman to enhance services to the community.

After review and discussing SP Plus’s proposed reporting structure recommendation, the First Selectman has decided to have Parking Services report directly to the Police Department.

Effective February 1, 2019 Parking Services will report directly to Deputy Police Chief Mark Marino.

“Ron Lalli has done a tremendous job in working with Parking Services to address internal controls and to document process,” Tesei said. “With the proper internal controls in place, a change in reporting structure is the next step. The Police Department and Parking Services share many operational similarities with enforcement and direct engagement with the public. Alignment with the Police Department will allow for greater synergies with parking management and enforcement.”

With the reporting of the change Chief of Police James Heavey said, “Assuming this additional responsibility is certainly in keeping with our long standing commitment to community policing. Having Parking Services as part of the Police Department will also provide a number of efficiencies for the operation while also improving service results for our residents and visitors to town.”

Deputy Police Chief Mark Marino said, “I am very excited about the change. I have had an opportunity to work with some of the Parking Services staff and look forward to building upon a strong team to enhance customer service and provide a better parking experience for the public.”

SP Plus will continue to provide independent parking management consulting to the Town. As part of value added services from SP Plus, they will perform monthly and quarterly parking operational reviews to monitor compliance with internal controls and processes.

The Parking Services Department consists of 12 full-time employees and 2.57 part-time employees. In the future, the relocation of Parking Services to the Public Safety Complex building will be explored. In addition, potential changes in counter hours and parking appeals hearing location will be considered. All the changes will have a goal of enhancing customer service.

SP Plus manages more than 1 million parking spaces in more than 4,200 facilities throughout the United States including the cities of Chicago, Annapolis, Denver, Atlanta and New Orleans. SP Plus was highlighted in the 2018 United States Conference of Mayors Business Council Best Practice Report: Mayors and Businesses Driving Economic Growth which showcased its innovative public/private partnership that inspired growth and efficiencies and enhanced customer service for the City of Portland, OR.

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