Greenwich LWV to Partner with GHS “We the People” for Student-Run Candidate Debate

The League of Women Voters of Greenwich and Greenwich High School’s We the People program will partner to host a student-run debate with the candidates for CT State Senator District 36 and CT State Representatives from the 149th , 150th , and 151st Districts.

The debate will take place on Friday, October 30th at 1:54 pm and will be 52 minutes long in accordance with the high school’s block schedule. Last year, over 600 students attended.

students at debate
Previous We The People debate at Greenwich High School 2015 File photo

Participating candidates are:
State Senate District 36 – State Senator Alex Kasser (D)
Ryan Fazio (R)

149th District – Kathleen Stowe (D)
Kimberly Fiorello (R)

150th District – Representative Steve Meskers (D)
Joe Kelly (R)

151st District – Hector Arzeno (D)
Representative Harry Arora (R)

Dolores Eslava, Liz Murray and Joe Maglioco
Dolores Eslava, Liz Murray and Joe Magliocco — all We the People students — consult their teacher Aaron Hull just before the beginning of a forum at GHS, Oct. 28, 2015. Credit: Leslie Yager

The students will compose the questions, ask the questions, and act as timers. This year, because of Covid-19, the debate will be a Zoom webinar. This means that no one will be in the Greenwich High School Auditorium, as in previous years. Participants will be attending from home, their office, or a classroom at the high school.

The press is invited to watch and listen. Parents and the public will not be included in the event.

The League acknowledges the strong support for this program from Headmaster Ralph Mayo, Coach Aaron Hull and Lucy Arecco, Social Studies Program Administrator, who all value student participation in the electoral process.

This event will not be recorded by the League or Greenwich High School. Only the members of the press may take partial screen shots or partial audio commentary to report on the event. The League is nonpartisan, and we ask that any reporting of the event be balanced when summarizing
a question, topic, or final remarks.

“Recording of League debates, whether they be in-person or taken from a computer screen, may not be used without the League’s express written approval. The League will only allow audio/video of this event to be broadcast in its entirety, except by media (members of the press) reporting the event.” – LWG Greenwich