Curious about the Affordable Housing Trust Fund? Attend this Forum on Sept 28

Greenwich, which claims only about 5.6% of its housing stock qualifies as affordable per the state formula, launched the Affordable Housing Trust Fund in November 2021.

The Trust’s purpose is to foster the creation of new units of affordable housing in the Town while at the same time helping the Town manage and influence the development of these units so as not to overburden local infrastructure.

The Trust has received initial funding from the Town of $650,000, with another $450,000 available to match donations from members of the public.

The Affordable Housing Trust Board has 11 members, who are nominated by the Board of Selectmen and appointed by the Representative Town Meeting.

On Sept 28 at 7:00pm in Town Hall, the Affordable Housing Trust Board is hosting a Community Forum to provide an opportunity for Greenwich residents to learn more about the Trust, the allocation of funds and the projects that being proposed.

There will also be an opportunity for Q&A.

The Affordable Housing Trust is managed by a Board that has 7 members:

Chairman: Bob Barolak

Vice Chairman: Bill Finger

Secretary: Sally Bednar

Planning & Zoning Director: Patrick LaRow

Brooks Harris, RTM member

Romulo Samaniego

Anthony Cicchetti

Five members are nominated by the Board of Selectmen and appointed by the Representative Town Meeting (RTM). Two are ex officio members of the Board based on their positions on the Planning and Zoning Commission or departmental staff.

Advisory Council

The Trust also includes an Advisory Council with 11 seats, whose purpose is to advise, assist and counsel the Trust Board.