Camillo: Serving as Grand Marshal at St Roch’s Procession is “A Memory I will Forever Hold Dear”

St. Roch’s annual Feast was held this year from August 11-14. The event culminated with Sunday’s procession through the streets of Chickahominy where a statue of San Rocco was carried by parishioners.

First Selectman Fred Camillo, this year’s Grand Marshal, called it an honor and memory that he would forever hold dear. 

The Feast, the only such event this year in Greenwich, celebrates San Rocco ( St. Roch ), the patron saint of infectious diseases and of dogs.

“For the past 17 months, the world has experienced the worst pandemic in over 100 years. People all over the globe have prayed to San Rocco, though now with  even more meaning over the past year and a half,” Camillo said in a release. “Also, as a dog lover, the remarkable story of how a starved, suffering, and lonely man was brought food each day by a stray dog, who not only stayed with him, but healed his wounds by licking the future saint. It is symbolic of the bond between man and dog that has endured for centuries before and after the life of St. Roch.”