A Word about Lawn Signs Erected without Town Permission

Lawn signs have grown in popularity.

And though they pop up all over Town, that doesn’t mean they are legal.

This past week someone slathered downtown with lawn signs for an event in Southport in July.

From the intersection of Arch and Rail Road Ave to Greenwich Ave, Milbank and Mason Street, there are dozens of blue signs.

The office of First Selectman confirmed on Tuesday that the organization had not applied for nor received permission to erect the signs.

A call to the organization was not returned.

The town has specific regulations on signs.

Commercial signs are not permitted. The Town removes them if they spot them, or if they receive complaints.

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Real estate for sale signs are only allowed if they are no larger than a three-ft square sign that simply says “For Sale” and a phone number. Once a logo or company name is added, the sign is considered an advertisement and is not permissible.

Non profit organizations are occasionally allowed to erect lawn signs if they are approved by the First Selectman’s office. In those instances, the signs cannot be put up more than 15 days before an event, and must be removed within 24 hours after the event.

When the office of First Selectman does give permission for lawn signs, for example for occasional Chamber of Commerce annual sidewalk sales in July, the signs cannot exceed 8 square feet and are limited to locations on Town property where permission is granted: Mason & Milbank Ave rotary, Riversville Rd/Glenville Rd, North Street/Fairfield Rd, Valley and Orchard St, Palmer Hill Rd and Havemeyer Lane, and Sound Beach Ave extension and Sheephill Rd. Also at the Cos Cob, Sound Beach Ave & North Street Fire Houses.

Organizers of events can also apply to put signs in the Lake Ave Traffic circle. The form is available through Parks & Rec.

Election campaign signs one exception to the strict rules.

As the Town inches closer to the November municipal election, expect to see the return of candidate lawn signs.